About Us

Lost Wax Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is sculpted in wax by hand using an ancient method of jewelry making called "Lost Wax" in which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from an original wax sculpture. The original wax sculpture is "lost" or destroyed in the process of creating a gold jewelry piece. This gives each jewelry piece a unique & intricate look that is special to lost wax designs. Due to its handmade quality, no two are completely alike. Reoccuring themes are nature, simplicity, and through the process of lost wax, also rebirth.

SHOES: It all began when Jaine herself started making her own shoes. After having done so, she realized that what was out in the market didn’t focus too much on the quality of the shoe. Each pair of shoe from Jaine K. is hand crafted with love and care and from start to finish and takes about 3-4 days to make. They are made with fine Italian Leather and each pair is constructed with full Leather Upper, Lining & sole of the shoe.

Comfort. The Shoe Last was designed to allow its wearer comfort, ease and good arch support. Most shoes contain cushioning to allow the foot to be comfortable at all times.

Quality. All made from fine imported Italian Leather.

Timeless. All styles are truly timeless due to its simplicity.

Agelessness. Its wearer can be of any age and still adore the design of the shoe.


designer bio

Jaine Kim, the designer and founder behind Jaine K. Designs first launched her collection Fall 2012 in Los Angeles where she was born & raised.

Before embarking on design, she graduated with a Psychology degree at the University of California Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, due to her love for design, she attended night and weekend classes at OTIS to study Fashion Design. Later, she studied Shoemaking & Jewelry at Accademia Riaci, in Florence, Italy under a Maestro. Her designs arose from what she felt was missing in the market: Simplicity, Quality & Timelessness.